Risk Control

Avoid unnecessary risk in the volatile market.

Risk Management Tools

Minimise Risk, Maximise Profit

Since forex trading is usually leveraged, your profit or loss can be boosted significantly, sometimes higher than one’s initial deposit. Emotions running wild can be the downfall of any trader in a volatile market. If your clients are using Expert Advisors or other robots, it might eat into your profitability too. 

Trading risk comes in various forms. Unfavorable price moments may result in your trades doing poorly. Then there are also external factors such as political unrest, recessions, interest rates fluctuations, toxic strategies and so on, which may cause considerable damage to the success of your brokerage.

The bigger the potential gain, the higher the exposure to risk, it’s the same for both traders and brokerages. All these underscore that risk management tools are your top priority as a broker. You should be able to manage multiple positions of various traders and supervise your risk at any given time, in order to maximise customer satisfaction and profitability.

A successful forex brokerage is usually one that manages risks well, therefore, an efficient risk management tool is one of the most essential ingredients of your recipe for success. Our risk control tools can alert you about potential disasters, contact us now to find out more.

Minimise Your Risks Today

Our Solutions to Various Risks

We love taking your vision to reality. Here’s how we work:

Sudden losses:

Mitigate the risk as well as lock in potential gain through setting an automatic limit or stop, to determine the level you would want your position to close at.

Sudden close of positions:

If margin becomes insufficient, the system will close your position automatically. Our risk-free tool will track your balances and add more money whenever required.

Bigger than losses:

Aside from setting stops, our tools will notify you of considerable volatile movement through the setting up of a distance or price alert, allowing you the opportunity to reconsider your open positions.

Why Choose Our Risk Management Tools?

Our Tools Can Do Wonders

Trade with care and precision:

Pick from a complete array of orders and enjoy highly reliable execution.

Professional charting:

Customizable indicators and drawing tools to facilitate your trade.

Actionable insights:

Never miss any analysis, trade ideas or news again.

Trade wherever you are:

Spot opportunities, trade as well as manage positions through apps.

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