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White label prepaid cards. A great tool to increase market share.

Catalyst for Brand Awareness & Loyalty

Your Gateway to Global Market

Are you contemplating launching and marketing your own fully-branded cards? White label prepaid cards are among the best options for clients to increase revenue streams. It is a flexible prepaid card programme that you as the business owner can fully manage with ease.

By taking into consideration your particular business needs, you can decide whether you need a white label prepaid card to boost your business. While setting up and marketing the programme consumes a certain cost, it might multiply your sales and thus elevates your business to a totally new level!

Recent surveys have found that in every second, over 10,000 card transactions are taking place around the world. As such, this white label prepaid card really expands your opportunity to introduce your brand, product and services to the mass out there.

Benefits of Issuing Your Very Own Prepaid Cards

By fully customising the prepaid cards, it will be a brand ambassador that pulls more business into your company. This will also lead to greater recognition and awareness of your brand.

The payments will be processed on a Level 1 PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) compliant system, thus allowing you to monitor the transactions and set parameters for anti-fraud safety measures.​

Customers will prefer to buy from you because of the familiarity, convenience, as well as the loyalty programme, better rewards and perks that you can package into the programme.

Manage transactions through the self-service online management system, by viewing transactions, activating new cards and blocking suspicious cards.

As you will be able to access the cardholder database, you may gain valuable insight into the cardholder preferences, and to help impact the bottom line and find new opportunities.

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