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Acquisition of Fun Management License

Application Process Made Simple

If your company wishes to provide fund management services, it is mandatory for you to have a fund management license. While the application process might be daunting, our expertise and experience in applying the license from regulators around the world will certainly expedite the process.

Fund managers are tasked with growing the wealth of their clients. They study the market trends, carry out their own analysis and implement appropriate investment strategies, to ensure that they get a higher return on investment (ROI). As they are dealing with the funds of their clients, fund managers must obtain a license based on the guidelines issued by the respective jurisdictions. 

Signing document

The applicants would need to comply with a set of requirements, which often include a few years’ experience in the capital market. Depending on the jurisdiction, the applicant might need to provide a business plan, detailing the activities to be carried out under the investment fund or investment company. 

Fund managers are also required to perform their duties with skills, due diligence and integrity and act in the clients’ interest, besides deploying an efficient risk management system. Feel free to contact us, so we can help you to obtain your license in time.

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What Can Fund Managers Do?

Answering questions of manager


Managing the portfolio for the clients as well as their discretionary accounts


Offering investment recommendations and consultancy service to clients based on analysis


Preparing the necessary submission to the Regulators on behalf of the clients

Dealing in securities:

Conducting the sale and purchase of securities or instruments, listed or otherwise

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