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Brokerage Set Up and Support

If you are setting up a brand new forex brokerage, we can help you step by step! We understand the challenges you face in establishing your forex brokering platform. With a large group of experts under our wings, we would like to offer you plenty of solutions to facilitate the setting up and operation of your business.

Let us illustrate to you the different legal requirements in various jurisdictions, and advise you on the best offshore locations to benefit your firm. By allowing us to handle all the paperwork for you in terms of company formation, regulatory compliance, technological infrastructure and trading software, you can focus fully on growing your business.

Our Major Services 

If you want to form a new company, then you have really come to the right place, as incorporating new offshore companies is indeed our forte. We will gladly present to you the benefits of the legal framework in each offshore destination, and assist you to incorporate your company in whichever country that meets your needs the most.

Next, you shall get a license. With the increasingly stringent rules imposed by financial regulators around the world, clients will be more inclined to trade through credible brokerages. To be a towering outfit among the many startups, let us help you secure all the necessary licenses and approvals.

Surely you will need a Client Relationship Management (CRM) system as the main gateway for the clients to interact with you and carry out important tasks such as deposit, withdrawal and transfer? As such, it is vital for you to deploy a CRM system that is stable and reliable. And that is precisely what our CRM system offers you.

You may wish to outsource your business process as maintaining a huge business customer service team will cost a bomb. Why not leverage on our existing team by outsourcing these services to external parties like us? It is a proven strategy that helps companies to minimise costs, so you can focus solely on your sales and marketing.

Why not reduce your expenses and boost the efficiency by opting for our MetaQuotes white labeling service? The cost of procuring a server is ever-growing as you realise. Our servers assure your new brokerages a secure and healthy setting for their customers to trade, as it comes with 24/7 tech support.

If you wish to ensure a smooth operation for your forex brokerage, an efficient IT infrastructure is essential. We can help you to set up a PSP (Payment Service Provider) system that allows you to receive credit card payments, an e-wallet system to facilitate the transfer of funds, as well as the integration of all these components.


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