Seychelles enjoys a stable socio-economic environment.



  • Increasingly becoming a popular jurisdiction for international business, especially among forex and Contract for Difference (CFD) brokers.

  • Relatively fast approval and attractive tax rate.

  • Seychelles Securities Dealers License is a great option for those who wish to set up a regulated forex brokerage. 

  • A unique low tax offshore entity, the Special License Company (CSL), allows you several advantages.

  • Reasonable capital requirement and fees.

  • Gaining popularity as a centre for forex trading.

  • Once obtained the Securities Dealers License, you are allowed to buy, sell and trade securities such as shares, bonds, options, futures, forex etc, and manage a portfolio of investments for clients.

  • Time Frame: 4 – 6 Months
  • Taxation: 1.5% (On Audit)
  • License: Securities Dealers License
For each Director, Shareholder and Ultimate Beneficial Owner:
  • Notarized / Certified True Copy of Passport
  • Notarized / Certified True Copy of Proof of Address
  • Notarized / Certified True Copy of Bank Statement
  • Bank Reference Letter
  • Curriculum Vitae (C.V.)

For each Corporate Shareholders of the company:
  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Memorandum of Association
  • Articles of associations
  • Articles of Incorporation
  • Register of Directors  
  • Register of Shareholdings
  • Certificate of Good Standing (if the company is over a year old)

Other Required Documents:
  • Liquidity Provider Agreement
  • Proof of Source of Wealth
Company Structure:
  • 2 Directors With Experience in Securities / Brokerage
  • 2 Local Directors (Seychelles Residents) – we will provide for you

  • Standard corporate tax of 1.5% is reduced to an effective rate of 0%
  • No restriction on exchange control
  • Free repatriation of capital, profits and dividends

Accounting and Auditing:
  • Audit must be carried out in Seychelles
  • Audited financial statements and tax return must be filed within 3 months from the publication of balance sheet
  • Accounting records must be kept in the office

  • Registered Agent & Office – Yes
  • Company Secretary – Yes
  • Professional Indemnity (PI) Insurance Cover – Yes
  • Physical Office in Seychelles – Yes
  • Local Employees in Seychelles – Yes
  • Legal Framework: Seychelles Securities Act 2007
  • Regulatory Authority: Financial Services Authority of Seychelles (FSA)
  • Capital Requirement: USD 50,000

Permitted Activities:

  • Trade in securities as a principle
  • Trade in securities as an agent on behalf of clients
  • Issue your own Managed Account products
  • Carry out trading on behalf of others (LPOA) etc. / CTA activities
  • Offer trading activities in forex, CFDs, futures
  • Forex CTA activities
  • Trading in commodities (agricultural commodities, metals)
  • List your own fees (managed account fees, profit sharing, spreads, mark-ups etc.)
  1. Submit the whole set of necessary documents to the staffs of Offshore Tech & Intermediary Services

  2. Review and Conduct Due Diligence Checks on Directors and Ultimate Beneficial Owners (Know Your Customer (KYC) Policy)

  3. We will conduct name check and reservation at the Registrar of Companies (ROC) office

  4. Preparing Application Forms, Compiling Necessary Documents & Reviewing of Application

  5. Submission of Application with the Financial Services Authority of Seychelles (FSA)

  6. Follow up with FSA
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