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For trade orders to pass from a Forex broker’s online MT4 / MT5 trading platforms to the Liquidity Provider that serves as the trading counterparty, a Bridge software is necessary.

Even if the brokers choose to take the trading risk themselves, they can also utilize the bridge to manage their client’s orders internally.

In forex business, technology optimization is often the name of the game. While having the skills and talent for trading is vital, it is also essential to have the best tools to assist you in your endeavour.

Even though the number of MT4 bridge providers has increased over the years, not all of them offer technology that is inherently stable and predictable. In view of this, securing a stable connection to their liquidity provider has become a great challenge to many brokerages. For this reason, it is usually advisable for forex brokerages to engage bridge solution providers that are well-established and trustworthy. OTIS is one of such bridge solution providers.


Versatile Bridge Solution​

Bridge software usually offers plenty of functions to help forex brokers manage their client’s trade orders effectively. The following are some of the more popular features of these bridge software:
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