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We can assist you with opening an offshore bank account with the largest financial institutions.


Facilitating Your Cross-Border Business​

If you are interested in opening a bank account in an offshore jurisdiction, we are ready to help you. The main benefit of having an offshore bank account is for tax efficiency. Since most foreign jurisdictions are tax havens, they have a low tax rate, if not none at all. 

With us applying on your behalf, you will be spared all the hassles as we will take care of all the paperwork. We know that usability, safety as well as reliability are incredibly vital to you, therefore we only recommend banks that meet our strict guidelines in terms of customer service, online banking facilities etc.

Having conducted an extensive evaluation of the types of accounts the banks offer, we can point you to the account that suits your needs the most and is compatible with the payment processing solution of your choice.

While different banks will ask for different documents, usually, copies of your corporate documents as well as current utility bills as a verification of address will be necessary.

Our comprehensive banking solutions include:

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